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Take the programming overhead away from ICT

Outsource your semiconductor programming to EPS Global and benefit from reduced costs, increased productivity and an integrated supply chain. We are strategically located in all major automotive electronic clusters worldwide. Our state-of-the-art, fully automated systems will program, 3D coplanarity check, laser mark and tape & reel your product and we can guarantee rapid delivery to help you meet your production deadlines.

Why Choose EPS Global?

When it comes to device programming, we at EPSGlobal understand our customers' needs: competitive pricing, fast turns and zero defects. We own state of the art programming equipment - a combination of our own proprietary equipment which we manufacture at our Research & Development Center in Czech Republic and continuous investment in the latest equipment from global brand name programmer suppliers. We maintain strong relationships with our key customers and programmer manufacturers ensuring we are aware of market trends and changes.

Leverage our infrastructure and experience to reduce your costs, increase your productivity and meet your production deadlines.


Own your own supply chain. Our services are local while our presence is global. We have strong ability to respond quickly to local customer's needs. All our facilities carry out reprogramming and repackaging.

If business conditions warrant, we can even set up in-house in your own facility.


Code changes will not hold up production.

Drop your code and instructions onto our secure FTP site or attach to an email. Our Code Management Database records all the necessary details and securely stores them for later retrieval.


EPS has the capacity to program more than 100m devices annually using modern equipment that has algorithm support for over 75,000 programmable devices.

First Article Service

We provide First Article samples to verify part and programme integrity within 24 hours of receipt of code and blank devices. Once approved, we lock down the details and proceed immediately to production volumes.

  • 24 hour turnaround if adapter/algorithm available
  • 2 - 4 weeks if adapter/algorithm not available
  • Ramp up to volume production 48 hours after approval

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Our Services

EPSGlobal is one of the world’s foremost programming houses. We have state of the art programming facilities in Hungary, Romania, Czech, India, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, USA (NPI), China, Malaysia and Thailand. We pride ourselves in consistently providing the highest quality, on-time value-added services to customer-specific needs. We provide 24-hour turnaround on all first articles.

Our fully automated equipment and the adherence to standardized quality procedures (ISO 9001, TS16949 & VDA 6.3) ensures the highest levels of quality control with minimum handling.

IC Programming

We have 3D inspection capabilities and coplanarity checking for lead integrity, part orientation, and mark verification.

In quantities ranging from a small prototype run to large volume production levels these services support just about any technology and package.

  • Any input/output combination (tray to tray, tray to tape, tape to tray, tape to tape)
  • Serialization using robust software to ensure no address duplication
  • Custom marking (laser/label)
  • Mechanical/electrical screening, including in-line and off-line 3D visual inspection machines
  • Custom algorithms for key loading, encryption and traceability

Tape & Reeling

EPSGlobal offers tape and reeling as a standalone service or as a complement to our IC programming services in all locations. We can tape and reel any surface-mount, radial or axial SMD component.

We have a large global stock of carrier tape and can support non-standard components with our custom carrier tape manufacture. Options of using both heat activated or pressure sensitive cover tape are available. We often work with our customers to help convert irregular shaped devices to SMT placement.

Bake & Dry Pack

For moisture sensitive devices, based on J-STD 33B standard.

Fast Facts


About Us

EPSGlobal offers high-quality, reliable, versatile and extremely prompt IC programming and tape & reel services.

Programming Capabilities

Experience you can Trust

EPSGlobal is a favoured service provider to OEMs and CEMs who run SMT lines across the globe. We are strategically located in all major electronic clusters worldwide and have been in the business of meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations in our ISO9001, TS16949 and VDA6.3-compliant centers there for almost two decades.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience working in many high velocity industry verticals ranging from automotive to consumer, industrial, commercial, aerospace and defense.

Our Qualifications

We differentiate ourselves by striving to maintain a world class quality level that is compliant with all International quality control procedures: ISO 9001; VDA 6.3 and TS16949 in selected sites.

Meet The EPSGlobal Team

Before you choose EPSGlobal,
you will want to know a bit more about us.

Chris Curley

VP Sales & Programming, Americas

Chris is a founding member of EPS Global and oversees our newest programming centers in NAM, Brazil & Mexico.

John Gleeson

VP Programming, EMEA

John is one of the founding members of EPS and has been overseeing all programming centers in Europe for over 16 years.

John O'Brien

VP Sales & Programming, China

John, another co-founder of EPS, heads up the Sales & Programming operations in Ireland, China and Hong Kong.

Richard Leech

VP Sales & Programming, ASEAN

Richard has been working with EPS for over 13 years and manages our programming centers in India, Thailand and Malaysia.

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